CineCrown Wedding Photography and Filmmaking

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Our Mission Statement

We want to tell stories. Stories that connect people with who you are and ultimately attract the kind of clients and customers YOU want to work with. One business at a time. We’re a bunch of people who think that stories can change the world and make it better.


About Our Team


We are Cine Crown Filmmakers. We love telling stories. We want to tell your story, take your photo, shoot a video about who you are, what makes you quirky, and why you are worth working with. Telling the world about you and your brand will not only help you stand out, but also show why you are unique.

We believe that stories can change the world. Making your brand is really about getting to know who you are. Telling your story visually will attract the customers you want to work with and do the work you love to do.

We don't have clients, we have friends. In getting to know you as a person and who you are behind the business will tell us exactly how to tell your story so you can connect with the people you want to connect with to increase sales and attract new customers.

We are a production company with a studio in Sacramento with the capability to work nationally and internationally.

  • As a team we are always pushing ourselves to stay up to date and constantly looking into the future with storytelling.
  • Our clients aren’t clients once we get to know them and help them. They become friends. We want to help them succeed.
  • We work hard to create stories for clients that engage audiences and move them to action.



Cinematic Documentary Film + Branding Design

2110 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Greater Sacramento Area
P: 916.475.7425

San Francisco and Greater Bay Area:
P: 415.944.9957

Meet Our Team Members

Martin Vo, Founder and Creative Director

Kameron Torres, Storyteller and Executive Producer

Hai Nguyen, Film Editor and Cinematographer

David Moushakheel, Film Editor and Cinematographer

Dexe Thao, Key Hair Stylish and Makeup Artist