CineCrown Wedding Photography and Filmmaking

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For best viewing experience, pause the movie after hit play. Let the movie loaded first and then hit play again. If you have high bandwidth internet, check HD bottom right of the each film to get the full HD experience.

Quick Legal Commercial Video

A one minute voice over commercial video introduce the new app product targeting consumers who need of a quick legal services.

Grand Island Mansion - Commercial Filmmaking

The experience story of brides and family who has the wedding at this location. Sale your client's experience about your service and venue

Next Ed - Career GPS

Our studio are very proud to produce a short film, Career GPS Convention for NextEd, a not-for-profit organization that works to develop partnerships among business, labor, education, community, and government in order to advance regional economic objectives and enhance the academic performance and career readiness of students within the Capital Region. Over 7000 thousand students, 200+ vendors and hundred of volunteers make the Event successful.

Keep Sacramento Ballet Alive Film, by CineCrown

Sacramento Ballet has been apart of Sacramento for generations to come and when it faced having to close down it's own doors. They contacted us and Natalee Pecorelli directing to create a film telling their story to help keep Sacramento Ballet alive. Their goal was to fundraise 75 thousand to keep the Sacramento Ballet continues in town. With our help they showcased our film at the annual Sac Ballet Galla and Auction and successfully raised over 144 thousand. We love telling stories that not only tell unique stories but also help our clients reach their financial goals as well.


Metro Chamber - Golf Tournament 2013 - Same Day Edit

A Short Story of a Same Day Edit Film that remind people how fun was it and invite them back to the next Golf Tournament 2014




The Death of A Son - Laughing Lotus Story

The death of a family member is never an easy thing to go through in life. Especially when it has to do with your own children. We are never supposed to outlive our children. When we first met Lisa we could tell right away she was a happy and giving person. Someone who has done so much for the community and us. We wanted to know why. We sat down with her and found out what inspired her to build an event center with healing arts for those who have lost loved ones.