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Branding Film Process


A film process to show you from beginning to end how your story will be told.

How does this all work?

We start out with a sit down consultation or phone call with you to understand you personally and your business. Since your business is custom we need to get to know you better to tell your story so you can connect with the clients you want to work with. Your goals, your company, your financial requirements, what makes your business different, and who the people are behind the company as well. Are you a dog or cat person? Do you like cookies or cupcakes? These quirks will set your story apart from the rest of the crowd and help filter the right clients to your business.

During pre-production we build your story with interview questions and make sure we are all on the same page. Once production begins, we usually film for 3-5 hours and base all of our shots on the emotion and tone of your business to truly tell a unique story and capture the best moments of your business.

A round of review will go back and forth for feedback between you and our team are all on the same page for the final delivery of your story. The whole process from consultation, filming to final deliverable, usually takes about 3-6 weeks. Depending on schedules and your availability for feedback.


With your production on its way, you can start thinking about channels of distribution. A good place to start is by exploring your own internal distribution channels. Do you have an email list you are regularly mailing to? Do you have a blog following? Who are your partners reaching through their websites? What are the social network opportunities for your cinematic documentary? How can we leverage your presence on Facebook and Twitter to broaden the reach of your videos?

Along with your final deliveries you will receive our Distribution Guidelines with best practices collected over time of how to leverage your micro-documentaries and maximize the impact they can have.

Your production is a very important investment. Start asking yourself a few questions.

Do you have an email list you regularly send out updates to? Do you have a blog following? Who are your referral partners/business partners reaching through websites? What social media outlets exist for your business? Facebook, twitter, and youtube are heavy hitters for driving traffic and connecting audiences. Are you using them to reach new customers?

Along with final deliveries we include a Guide with great practices of how to reach new customers and increase sales using your production.




Return on Investment.

Video is powerful, especially when an emotionally connected story driven video is put out there. Video can increase sales and connect with new customers on so many different levels. Some production companies like to tell their clients that a video will maximize sales 10 times return. This may happen because of how powerful videos are for businesses.

However we like to take a more realistic approach in terms of breaking even. We are completely honest and open with our clients so that you know what you are getting into when investing in a video production.

In order to calculate the return on investment we look at breaking even. How many products or new sales are you going to have to generate using the video production in order to break even on the project? Beyond that, everything is a 100% return on your investment. 100% profit after breaking even. So think about how many new customers is it going to take to pay for this production? If you think that is worth it to you, then it makes sense to move forward, because anything beyond that is going to be 100% profit in your pocket to grow your business.