CineCrown Wedding Photography and Filmmaking

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Videography or Filmmaking

With so many different studios providing video services many couples are confused about the different styles available and how to differentiate from a video or a film. Picture a camera on top of a tripod and a videographer standing there moving the camera from side to side recording the activities of what’s going on. This is video. Now picture a filmmaker with a camera moving from place to place shooting from different angles capturing what Aunt Agnes saw from the front of your ceremony and your cousin Tina from the back of the room. Multiply this by two or three. Also think of the movie Vantage Point where multiple perspectives were given from different vantage points to tell what happened at an event. This is film. And this, is at the heart of CineCrown, filmmaking.

To help you better understand the difference here’s an outline of each:

Videography is usually a much smaller level of production. There is little pre-planning and normally it’s a one-man production team. They employ a cameraman who works solo to oversee a project from start to finish. This type of service is most common with event videography, live TV, small commercials, corporate videos and weddings that have longer and stationary footage delivered. Investment on these types of videos for weddings are much smaller and are available through Luxes videography.

Filmmaking employs a Cinematographer, often referred to as the Director of Photography (DP). The DP is in charge of a larger crew and is responsible for the artistic and technical decisions regarding the photography of a motion picture in accordance with the director’s vision. Unlike videography, filmmaking involves many hours of planning with the client to ensure that their vision is accomplished. The DP works closely with the client on all aspects of their production (yes, weddings are a production) from décor to props and most importantly getting to know his clients to tell their story. Wedding filmmaking is similar to a Hollywood movie production and involves a storytelling technique.

A picture is worth a thousand words but a film is worth a lifetime. CineCrown has the special ability to capture the emotions and feelings evoked at weddings, and is truly worth the investment. As in any Hollywood movie the audience wants to know the story, your guests do too. They want to know your story and CineCrown can help you share your love story with family and friends.


Which films CineCrown offer:

The complete CineCrown Signature Film Collection consists of few different films. They consist of the Highlight which is a quick 3-4 minutes film highlighting your wedding day. The Short Film is a story-telling movie that captures the emotions of the day and is our most popular film. It usually runs 6-7 minutes but can be upgraded to run 10-12 minutes. Surely becoming our most sought after film is the Same-Day-Edit which is a 3-4 minute film of your wedding day shown at the reception.

Unlike traditional videography studios CineCrown’s filmmaking style is very dynamic with tons of movement and interaction between the filmmaker and your guests and bridal party. We use more than just the microphone on the camera to capture each word spoken and most importantly to eliminate any unwanted sound. CineCrown believes that in order to capture the best film, we require a two person team, however additional filmmakers and time can be added to make sure nothing goes uncaptured. As an add-on service you can include the Feature or Full Document Film to complete your wedding memories. The Feature Documentary includes the most important parts of your wedding such as the ceremony, toasts, and speeches. The Full Document Film is just exactly that, everything from your day.

To round out your wedding experience you can add a personal film that captures you, the couple retelling your love story in your own words. The Love Story Film tells about how you met, how you fell in love and what you hope for the future. This film is shot before the wedding date and can be played for your friends and family during your reception.

Can't afford the filmmaking, you can book the tradiditon wedding videography just to capture your wedding need. This is a traditional way that most of your parent love and for guest who was not attending the wedding ceremony.



A wedding video? Who wants a wedding video? What is the difference between tradtional wedding video and filmmaker?

Traditional wedding videography captures hours of lengthy document footages and no one really wants to watch it after it is done. That is why most brides cut down video because of this stereotype. On the other hand, wedding film from CineCrown has come a long way and is unique to each couple. We understand what a bride needs. For each wedding film we start with a concept, a plan, and a vision. We implement a more personal aproach by getting to know the couple more in order to create a movie-like film that is meaningful, emotional, as well as energetic from beginning to the end. With sound engineer, we are able to capture clear voices including vows and toasts to tell the whole story.

What is the Same Day Edit (SDE)?

The Same Day Edit is edited much like the Highlight Film – creative and artistic. The main difference is that the Same Day Edit (SDE) is produced on-location (we bring along a full-time editor) and shown at your reception just hours after your ceremony is complete. This is a huge crowd favorite. It truly brings your guests into your entire wedding day. We encourage our couples to think of the SDE as an experience, and not just a film.

What is the Document Edit and Extended Document Edit?

Documentary edits is a 45 minutes plus video covers full Wedding Ceremony, Toasts and Speeches. Extended Document Edit covers full range from morning preparation to the last dance depending on the coverage hours and schedule of your wedding day.

What is the Love Story?

The Love Story is a great way for your wedding guests to get to know you as a couple better. We sit down and interview you months before the wedding. We ask fun questions about how you met, what you love about each other, how did the proposal go….stuff like that. The Love Story helps give background to this special day.