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An award winning photography and filmmaking studio in any city will probably be limited to one or two and once a date is booked with them, that date is off the books for anyone else that year. To ensure quality service these photographers and filmmakers take on a limited amount of weddings in a season; and are usually booked 9-12 months in advance, especially if it’s a popular Saturday during wedding season. For that reason it’s a good idea to reserve your photographer and filmmaker ASAP!

Hiring a good Commercial Artistic Wedding Professional is like hiring a multiple professionals in one person such as Architecture Photography is for the Ceremony and Church grand look; Landscape Photography is for your beautiful venue decoration; Product Photography is for your ring shot and other detail shots; Portrait Couture is for the bride glamour portrait shot; Family Photography is for your family session; Photojournalist is document your event photography; Director of Photography is directing and helping your wedding including in still or motion photography; and finally Creative Director is responsible to design your perfect wedding album.

CineCrown Award Winning Commercial Wedding

Our Commercial Wedding Photography and Filmmaking are personal touch and unique to each couple's vision and personality follow Magazine and Hollywood movie style. What make our photo and film different is the post-production behind the scene of planning the wedding concept to make it into your own unique story and having a fun memory.

CineCrown Photography + Filmmaking

San Francisco, San Jose, Napa, Greater Bay Area
and Greater Sacramento Area

Main Studio Locates in the heart of Downtown Sacramento
2110 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 415.944.9957

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"A lot of people underestimate the important of finding and investing in the best Photographer and Videographer..."

"...A lot of people underestimate the importance of finding and investing in the best photographer and videographer for their wedding. But if you think about it, 50 years from now your photos and video will be your only tangible remembrance of your wedding day. I am so glad that we chose Martin and CineCrown to document this very special time in our lives. I will be proud to share these memories with my future children and grandchildren!"

-- Magaret & Jefferey - Santa Cruz, CA


" I know weddings are expensive, but think about what you and your wife will have after that day. "

"Martin Vo and his staff of photographers/videographers are the best!...

After researching for months, we found Martin Vo and my first impression of him was that he is very passionate about what he does. For Martin, it's not just a job, but his art, passion and life. Martin's energy and passion shows with all of his work. I don't have patients for people who don't deliver as promised and on our wedding day they delivered like pros and beyond my high expectations.

My friends/family at the wedding were asking who our photographers/videographers were because they were so great. Martin and his staff were so smooth and most of all fun to be with. I never felt like they were there to do a job, but instead felt like Martin and his staff were friends of ours, laughing and having a great time!

Bottom line is if you are planning on getting married and finding a photographer/videographer, choose Martin Vo and his staff. I know weddings are expensive, but think about what you and your wife will have after that day. Nobody will remember what food, dessert, flowers or drinks you had. However, you will always have photos/videos to remember that special day and the best part is we can show our future children/grandchildren what our wedding day was like, especially with the awesome HD video!..."

-- Kimmi & Junsun - San Jose, CA


"We were so happy he was onboard with our unique vision for the wedding..."

"I remember finding out about Cinecrown at my first bridal show at Cal Expo in January 2013...I didn't think I could afford the price for Martin's services...

While looking for filmmaking services for my wedding, I was looking for someone who was passionate, who crafted with artistry, and delivered quality. The only videos that really captured what I was looking for was still Cinecrown, and I realized that his work was worth the investment. I'm glad my husband agreed with me and I crossed my fingers that it wasn't too late to book him for our day. Luckily he was available! If we had waited too long to decide, it would have been possible he would have been already booked and I would have regretted being so indecisive.

Upon meeting Martin, we were so happy he was onboard with our unique vision for the wedding. He is truly passionate about his work as an artist and I appreciated his help to bring our ideas together into a solid theme. He has gone above and beyond for us to capture all the events, emotions, and people that made our wedding day ours. His staff was also very nice and they did a great job handling all the wonderful chaos of our wedding day. If you are looking for something more than just a videographer, Cinecrown has the cinematography skills to give you a film!"

-- Kristen & Justin - Sacramento, CA


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