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Meet Martin Vo

Martin grew up in Sacramento since 1994 and earned handful of Bachelor degrees and awards. He won many artistic awards since he was nine years old. Only a short time after arriving Sacramento, he won the prestigious Top Ten Youngest Artists in Sacramento Award in 1996. He also had won many other awards and contests through out his High School including oil painting, drawing, woodcarving, and sculpture. He graduated from High School with the highest score possible International Baccalaureate in Art and exhibited his first Art Show to public.

Continuing upwards in his career as a Corporate Designer, Martin has earned Bachelor of Art in Photography and Cinematography Studio Arts and Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. Martin has the education and experiences to produce products that would exceed the clients’ vision. Martin continues to acquire more knowledge of new technology that will bring forth new skills and styles to the products we offer. Martin gained recognition and status to become currently a Creative Director/ Photographer at CineCrown Photography+Filmmaking.


Martin Vo Experience & Education

Experience in Graphic Design, Web Design, Corporate Design, Photography, Cinematography, and Creative Director since 2002

Graduated from Sacramento State University : 2001-2005

  • BS in Graphic Design
  • BA in Photography & Cinematography Studio Arts
  • Certified Web Designer
  • Minor in Photography
  • Minor in Communication Study
  • Minor in Computer Science



Martin Vision

Collaborate of the team together to provide creative art in Photography and Filmmaking to the world

Martin Favorite quote:

The act of doing it will move you one step closer to your goal.

"Do what you love and everything will follow"

Believe in yourself