CineCrown Wedding Photography and Filmmaking

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"If you are looking for a new fun way to capture all your memories ... Martin Vo be the one guy that you call..."

"I chose Martin Vo and and his team to capture every moment of my wedding day with their amazing cinematography. David was the head of the three man team for my wedding and showed up early and stayed late to make sure everything was captured just the way he wanted it. He and his team spent a lot of time with me at my motel while I was getting ready. They had some fun ideas of ways to pose and what to do to add to our video to make it perfect. It also allowed my photographer to get some fun poses too.

Once at our ceremony they were able to be apart of everything but not really be noticed by myself or my husband while it was going on. Some of the guys we interviewed talked about setting up tripods that seemed to be too noticeable. We booked the short film from them which ended up being almost 10 minutes long which was a bonus.

Originally when we met with them and decided to go with them to do our wedding Martin had said it could take up to 3 months before we got our finished product. Less than a month after our wedding our video was ready to be shared and posted to our loved ones as well as the pick up the complimentary the flash drive.

If you are looking for a new fun way to capture all your memories from your wedding or party or any other special day/time in your life I would very highly recommend Cinecrown and Martin Vo be the one guy that you call. You will get the friendliest service with some top notch guys as well as a video that won't be matched by anyone around."

-- Celena & Jason, NFL Football player, CA


"There is no one better, period...hands down..."

"There is no one better, period. If you are looking for video, Martin Vo at CineCrown is hands down the place to go. The quality of video and the creativity to create wonderful video is what has to set CineCrown above all the rest. They have an ability to capture your day and let you relive it, including the all the emotion that was felt. We are so greatful to have had Martin and his assistant be at our wedding, they took leadership, created a fun and energetic vibe that allowed us to relax and have fun during what we were worried would be a stressful day and in turn made for the creation of what we would considered the greatest video.

Their production skills helped us to have the greatest wedding experience and get the greatest shots that we will have for the rest of our lives. These reviews are great, but the video speaks for itself."

-- Heather & Augie- Rosevile, CA



Neelam Testimonial

"The photos are breathtaking...Martin's best qualities is the ability to make the client feel comfortable during the photo sessions..."

"Every bride wants only the best of the best for their wedding. I was once that bride, and in such a special day, i had the most amazing photographer ever to help capture our most special moments. I had the the pleasure to work with Martin Vo and his staff at CineCrown Photography and I couldn't have had a better experience. From the moment of scheduling our appointment to shooting our engagement sessions, Martin and his staff made us feel very comfortable the whole way.

We cann't thank them enough so for their amazing ability to capture the essence of our wedding day in such an enchanting way. The photos are breathtaking. The wedding is now over, and I can still look back at my photos and recreate the day and preserve the special moments we had.

The staff at CineCrown made us feel so comfortable during our engagement sessions and our wedding day. (Yes, we loved the photos so much we did 2 engagement sessions). One of Martin's best qualities is the ability to make the client feel comfortable during the photo sessions which in my opinion played a major role in getting such great pictures, his easy going personality made us feel very comfortable right from the get go and the sessions were lots of fun and an experience to remember on its own.

I would highly recommend CineCrown Photography to any bride to be. The images are worth every penny and at the end of the day, it's the photos that capture the most magical moments of such joyous occasion. I cant emphasize enough how important it is to have a great wedding photographer. Im so glad we chose this company. Many people can call themselves a photographer but none with the experience and background like Martin Vo and the staff at CineCrown Photography.

My husband and I are very satisfied with the photography from CineCrown and would love all brides to experience such a wonderful time as we did during our wedding day."

-- Neelam & Dack- Sacramento, CA

"50 years from now your photos and video will be your only tangible remembrance of your wedding day. I am so glad that we chose Martin and CineCrown..."

"Martin Vo and the CineCrown team are true artists. Our experience began last year with the shooting of our engagement photos and video. Martin and David came to our house to capture moments in our home, then Martin traveled with us to Santa Cruz to the place where we first met. The Love Story video they created and engagement pictures beautifully captured our journey together as a couple throughout the years.

Then came the big day! Martin and team captured every detail and emotion magnificently. We were able to share our Love Story video as well as a Same-Day Edit Video with our loved ones during the reception and it was truly unforgettable! On top of that, Martin was able to post our videos and photos the very next day! (Not sure if he can continue to do this the busier he gets) :-)

A lot of people underestimate the importance of finding and investing in the best photographer and videographer for their wedding. But if you think about it, 50 years from now your photos and video will be your only tangible remembrance of your wedding day. I am so glad that we chose Martin and CineCrown to document this very special time in our lives. I will be proud to share these memories with my future children and grandchildren!"

-- Magaret & Jefferey - Rancho Cordova, CA


" I know weddings are expensive, but think about what you and your wife will have after that day. "

"Martin Vo and his staff of photographers/videographers are the best!

My wife and I were married last year in August in Livermore and we could not have asked for a group of guys who were so professional and gets the job done well, very well.

We met Martin Vo about six months prior to our wedding and we decided on a package for the photo/video option. I asked my wife what she wanted to spend the high cost portions for our wedding and she chose to spend more on our photos/video.

After researching for months, we found Martin Vo and my first impression of him was that he is very passionate about what he does. For Martin, it's not just a job, but his art, passion and life. Martin's energy and passion shows with all of his work. I don't have patients for people who don't deliver as promised and on our wedding day they delivered like pros and beyond my high expectations.

My friends/family at the wedding were asking who our photographers/videographers were because they were so great. Martin and his staff were so smooth and most of all fun to be with. I never felt like they were there to do a job, but instead felt like Martin and his staff were friends of ours, laughing and having a great time!

Bottom line is if you are planning on getting married and finding a photographer/videographer, choose Martin Vo and his staff. I know weddings are expensive, but think about what you and your wife will have after that day. Nobody will remember what food, dessert, flowers or drinks you had. However, you will always have photos/videos to remember that special day and the best part is we can show our future children/grandchildren what our wedding day was like, especially with the awesome HD video!

Don't just take my Yelp for it, go on his website and my wedding video is on there.

Martin Vo thank you and your great staff for the memories we will have forever. My wife and I look forward to working with you in the future."

-- Kimmi & Junsun - San Jose, CA


Lylian Testimonial

"Seek no further, I just know they'll be completely worth it!..."

"As a bride-to-be, "one in which that specializes in beauty and fashion", I can't help but to only want the best and nothing less when it comes to my wedding.

With the sense of style, creative mind and keen eye for beauty...I seek for those who can offer the same quality and talent within their work. So while in search for my photographer and videographer, in which I am completely fixed on trying to find that "one" that can provide me with both services, I stumbled across CineCrown's website page, and had absolutely fell in love with everything that they had to offer!!!

And since I'm such a "sucker" for great talent and creativity, after being exposed to such talent, I have to admit, I couldn't and didn't want anything else but for them to do my wedding,

So immediately, I scheduled my appointment to meet with them, on that very same day. Their studio is absolutely gorgeous and their work is nothing less than A-List status! And amongst all, I had the pleasure in meeting with the studio's executive, Martin Vo. He was attentive to my needs and understood the outlook I had for my day. There's nothing I love more than good quality in customer service. =)

In conclusion, that after the wedding day is over, the photographs and videos are all I'll have left In memory of my special day. And to be able to relive those moments over and over again in high quality and such beauty is absolutely priceless!

So for those who are still seeking for the best in photography and videography...I say seek no further, I just know they'll be completely worth it!"

-- Lylian & David- Sacramento, CA


"extremely professional, fun and talented... I were astounded at the quality of the film..."

"We hired Martin to shoot our wedding in July! This man and his staff were extremely professional, fun and talented bunch! He surprised us with an incredibly well edited short video of the wedding day during our reception! Our guests as well as my husband and I were astounded at the quality of the film and how well edited

It was in such a short period of time. He also Recently sent me a "music video" of our wedding and it is so cool and beautiful!

Love this man and his work! Highly recommend him!"

-- Farinaz & Hany - Fremont, CA