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Wedding Photography with Passion


As an engaged couple, you're creating something amazing – a day full of so much emotion, so much beauty; every detail that you've meticulously planned out and hopefully implemented with the help of your wedding planner (trust me – it helps a lot with the stress factor). The family and friends who are most important in your lives all in one place to celebrate. All of that is worthy of preserving and documenting!

And I want to do that for you.

You have a unique love story of how you first met and falling in love, and I get sucked in; I can't help it to share their love story and wedding to the world. I shoot with my heart, feeling and passion that is reflected through the camera lens with the vibrant touch of photoshop and video handcrafted visual photographs. These tools help me paint your love on images on digital, print canvas and album.

At one time I was in your shoes planning my own wedding and saying “I do”. As time got close to my wedding date, the stress began to build up. Like you, I asked, searched, planned, and expected that everything would turn out perfectly. Besides, I didn’t want to get butterflies in my stomach on that day or any regrets later on – wondering if all my precious lifetime moments would be documented – captured it well, beautifully and authentic. I know everything will be gone; and certainly photography and filmmaking become priority over everything else.

And then I have found my trusted team that does both photo and video. Not many can do both photo and video both beautifully done - more importantly they are working together seamlessly. I can’t remember specifically what happened on my wedding day, but I’ll never forget how I felt when I look back to my wedding images and wedding films.

CineCrown team came together, and I want this experience from my wedding to give you that same feeling of relief when you know you have a passionate team of photographers and filmmaking with a rich personality and craft of storytelling, vibrant painting color, authentic, and emotional experience for your document on photographs and videos.

Authentic moments

Style & Beauty Artistry

Emotional Investment

The Creative Team


Martin V.

Award Winner of: Gold award & 2nd place of Wedding Portrait Photography International; 10 years top KCRA; Best of Yelp; Top 10 Young Sacramento Artist. He also has a history of high fashion and glamour photography along with 7 degrees in fine art and film production, giving him a vast range of experience.


Ming Y.

My goal isn’t just to provide you with memorable images that document your important day, but it is also understanding what is important to you during your big day and having insight on how I can help make it the best experience.


Kaboo V.

From a young age, weddings always made me smile. I love LOVE. To experience LOVE is a beautiful feeling that is unique with every relationship. That is why it was only natural that my love for photography and weddings collided into this wonderful passion that I have today.

You Deserve the Absolute best.

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Ming Y.

Hello! I specialize in wedding photography and love my job with a passion. Weddings are more than just about two individuals joining hands in marriage. It is also about two families coming together as one and sparking new relationships thereafter. It is always my honor to be able to have the opportunity to create memories that will last decades.

The camera is my tool and with it, I can create beautiful images that will melt your heart and continue to, five, ten, and even twenty years from now. I strive for client satisfaction and give my 100% each and every time. I am always looking forward to working with new clients. Thank you again for your time and interest!

Kaboo V.

I am a hopeless romantic that jumps for excitement at hearing your love story and cry at your wedding while capturing it. I will be the visual story teller with my lens and your calm for the day of the wedding.

My wish is to capture the love and emotions of your special day, so as when you look at the images, it will make you fall in LOVE all over again. <3


CineCrown Process


to your unique values, wants and needs.

Our process of serving our couples is really exciting because it allows your values, wants and needs to be heard, understood and captured. With this process anchoring our intentional shooting style, we capture the unnoticed moments, otherwise forgotten memories, unexpected perspectives, and the unique personalities specific to each couple.

Want bland, forgetable photographers and Filmmakers. Didn't Think so. Let's talk!