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If you already have a brand and logo in place and want more or in the process of creating a new business, this is a great to evaluate and get to where you want to be. Our branding and logo consultation will take you to the next steps in building your vision and grow your brand.

Your brand needs a clear message, tone of voice, and great brand identity to make your brand trustworthy, memorable and one step ahead of your competition. It’s all started with brand name strategy. This package helps develop the power of three and your brand positioning. We analyze, research and filter out the noise of a laser sharp beam to your target market and develop a business name with the clear message and tone of voice to attract your audience.

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My name is Martin Vo, I breathe and live the art of storytelling since I was accepted to the art academy at the age of four, the youngest artist at the time. I created stories through vibrant oil paintings on canvas with artistic touch. In seven years of college, photography and filmmaking allowed me to tell a greater story, the love story of two people. Stories can pass from generations to generations, and be relived through album photo and video. My goal is to pass on your story to your family, your kids, and future generations. I believe I can capture this through filmmaking and photography to seal your memories so that they can be remembered forever. I believe that storytelling is extremely powerful and this is why I want to tell yours.

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Martin Vo has more than 30 years’ experience in the art world. He grew up in California since 1994 and earned a handful of Bachelor degrees and awards. He won many artistic awards since he was nine years old. Only a short time after arriving to Sacramento, he won the prestigious Top Ten Youngest Artists in Sacramento Award in 1996. He also has won many other awards and contests throughout his High School including oil painting, drawing, woodcarving, and sculpture. He graduated from High School with the highest score possible International Baccalaureate in Art and exhibited his first Art Show to the public.

Continuing upwards in his career as creative director, He graduated from California State University, Sacramento with seven different degrees, includinga Bachelor of Art in Photography and Cinematography Studio Arts and Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, branding and marketing focus.

Through dedication and hard work, he became the youngest creative director of Studio 316. Eventually this led to him opening his own Studio for photography and video productions. He would then go and receive number one best artist award from the local Sacramento TV Station KCRA3 as their A-list Filmmaker. He also placed second place in the creative division for the Wedding and Portrait Photography International (WPPI).

Martin has the education and experiences to produce products that would exceed the clients’ vision. Martin continues to acquire more knowledge of new technology that will bring forth new skills and styles to the products we offer. Martin gained recognition and status to become currently a Creative Director and Director of Photography at CineCrown Studio.

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"CineCrown really went above and beyond to help us demonstrate the mission and work of our organization on screen. Martin was kind and patient with the subjects of our video, some of whom had survived serious trauma and that made a HUGE difference in comfortably sharing their stories."

David H. - LGBT President

"Corporate marketing vs. website for a nonprofit board. It's obvious that Martin from CineCrown has a great academic background in IT and graphic design. What really makes for a great experience is his enthusiasm for his craft!"

Ann K. - Immigration Law Attorney

"I had the pleasure of working with CineCrown on the production of fives videos for Sacramento Regional Transit District's (SacRT). We chose CineCrown above and beyond other solicitations because of their competitive pricing and extensive history working with other agencies. CineCrown proved to be a successful venture in helping us achieve a well-rounded branding campaign. The video series properly educated, informed, and motivated our audience on the impartantce of seeing, hearing, and reporting . . . It was a pleasure working with Martin Vo and his team."

Jo N. - Senior Officer at Sac RT


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CineCrown is a Sacramento based Wedding Photography & Wedding Videographysince 2005. We offer Engagement/Preweddingphotoshoot sessions. It is highly important to us that we tell your story by creating authentic, emotional, and beautiful wedding photos for brides. We film and photograph weddings of all multi-cultures, such as Indian Weddings, Filipino & Mexican, Chinese & Vietnamesese. We serve in Sacramento, Napa, San Francisco, San Jose and the greater Bay Area, including wedding venues and ceremonies anywhere in the world.

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