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CineCrown Productions is a full-service video and multimedia production company serving anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves on providing each and every client with premium quality services, from concept to delivery, for projects of any style. The unique advantage of working with CineCrown is our unrivaled approach to bringing a cinematic quality to every project we take on, whether it's intended for a television, film, commercial, or corporate audience. We approach documentary, narrative, multimedia, and content of all kinds with the same passion and energy, for companies both large and small.

Our experienced, in-house creative development and production teams enable us to offer our clients several affordable options for them to infuse the branding of their product, the portrayal of their services, or depiction of their story with a uniquely cinematic element. The following is a selection of services we provide:

Why Story Matters?


Everyone and every business have a story to share. It is important to let your customers know what makes you unique. Sharing your story will create an emotional connection instantly. This builds trust and a bond between you and your customer. Your story can be anything; like a tale about a kid with a big dream, a kid who knows that overcoming struggles in life is what will make him into what he dreams to be. He must overcome hardships in order to succeed. A Story like this is what makes you who you are and your successful company stand out. Now you need to tell this unique story to the world through video and online marketing to attract audiences on an emotional level.

Why Use Online Video?

  • 50% of Internet Content This Year Will be Video.
  • 62% of Marketers Use Video on Their Marketing
  • 77% of Global Internet User Watch Video
  • Viewers are 85% More Likely to Purchase a Product after Watching a Product Video
  • E-mails with a Link to a Video Increase 2-3x Click Thru Rate
  • 400% Higher Engagement With Video Than Static Content


Video Marketing & Story Telling


Our distinctively award-winning ability is retelling your story which make us unique among our competitors. Gaining the attention of your clients will always be a need for any growing business. Let us create a visual campaign for your social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Google, as well as your business website. We’ll develop your campaign from creative ideas, writing, storyboarding, producing, executing, editing right through to delivery!

Commercial Video Portfolio

Regional Transit - Sacramento RT Safety Video

A quick 60-second safety video focuses on one safety topic in a new shareable online format. This video targets younger next generation audiences to watch for public safety.

Paintrite Pros - Infomercial Story

A video tells a background story of the owner and the mission statement. The story attracts audiences’ companionship and builds a support referral network.

Quick Legal - 500 Start Up Video

A quick 60-second commercial is great for getting a message across with advanced animated text and pictures along with the video. This video is fun and high tech for next generation

Sacramento LGBT Story - Support & Donate

Listening, understanding, and supporting. We made this one using voiceover narration, cinematography, and a quick cut to make the video more story approach and emotion driven.

Grand Island Mansion - Testimonials Video

Testimonial Video through the pass bride experiences

Taco Bell - Sacramento Story

An interview one of the most successful Taco Bell’s franchisee in Sacramento and his inspiring story- how he gets up there by working hard and family matters.

QuickLegal - 60 Second Commercial Video

Quick 60 Second Video with Voice Over

Quick Legal Fun Video - Social Media Brand Awareness

Break away from the traditional boring political and legal, CineCrown create a funny video to make everyone remember the brand while the video is viral.

Portal Project - Bring Sacramento Community together

The Project that brings the local community in one place for celebrating, working, exercising, and having fun together.

AM Nights - Story

Bring EMD to Sacramento

BigEz Restaurance Story

An inspirational story of a restaurant owner who overcomes all the obstacles in life and successful doing what she loves.

Corporate Event Video + Photo



Are you hosting an internal or external event? Need coverage for your branding and advertising? Need an event archived? We can produce short 2-5 minute highlight recap videos, edit full, all day, long-form event videos, cover B-Rolls, and deliver the final product at lightning speed!

Corporate Event Portfolio

Farm to Fork - Change Sacramento Together

Here’s a story of what the Farm to Fork movement is all about. We crafted it by using a full production team on site and interviewing two great chefs and key Farm to Fork staff.

AM Nights - Show and Event Promo Video

Kid Expo - Event Promo Video and Story

Volunteers of America - Major League Baseball Player - Birthday Party

The best way to get local citizens involved with the Children in need is by telling the story. CineCrown worked hand-in-hand with Volunteers of America to capture the story.

USC Corporate Event Photo

Corporate Event Photos - Award Night Hollywood Theme

Narrative & Documentary Feature Film

I have so much to show you!

We can produce a full-length feature or we can take on parts of a feature film. If you need writers, crew, post-production, directors, producers, and other crew members, we have you covered. Producing documentaries is something we do everyday. We are always creating content for ourselves and for others. Let us help you tell your story! We have the full crew that can carry this forward at reasonable budgets!

"We are storytellers. It's about sending compelling messages that will move the viewers forward. It's about creating content that has the possibility to make an impact. That's who we are and that's what we love to do!"

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