American culture may make us think of modern weddings with bouquet toss and chic white dress as the only type practiced. But that is far from the truth. Marriages are as diverse as the people’s cultures globally. We cross the boundaries to capture these life-changing moments anywhere around the globe.

We can boast of the expertise of highly experienced photographers and filmmakers who have traveled the world to photograph weddings of couples with different and unique cultural backgrounds. Our diversity begins with our location in Sacramento, which has given us the advantage of understanding the Asian cultures, including Chinese, Persian, and Filipino, in-depth. Outside our Asia, we have filmed the traditional Mexican weddings and other unique ones like the American-African.


But besides photography improvement, these remarkable experiences have played a huge in our growth as a people at CineCrown. Capturing those moments in which collision of cultures does not bring violence, but peace and excitement has been enthralling. And we are always glad to be part of these events as we learn the vitality of every bit that makes the human tribe whole. 'What have we really learned?' You may ask. And we have the answer.

Barongs are the apparel designed for the Filipino grooms, while Chinese Weddings and Tea Ceremonies are inseparable. For Korea, it is more enjoyable with grooms sending Kireogi as a gift to their mother-in-law. Such practices may sound quite strange for Americans though who prefer the modern weddings with a little touch of the traditional culture. Despite the place, we at CineCrown are always privileged to be part of these various cultural ceremonies, both as photographers and individuals.

Filipino Wedding

Filipino Wedding

Let’s look at some of the most interesting cultural weddings we have been part of for a while now. The traditional Filipino wedding practices largely depend on the family values. At the core are four rituals that serve to unite the families of the couples. The bond created and the spectacular celebrations make these weddings a model traditionalism mixed with modernity.

Chinese Wedding

Chinese Wedding

For the Chinese in the United States, weddings are a blend of their Chinese traditions and American culture. The wedding begins with the Tea Ceremony in the morning. It is during this time that the families are introduced formally, and the couples receive gifts from friends. But as already said, a Chinese wedding cannot end without their favorite drink. The elders of the two families are finally served with tea as the last bit of the ceremony.

Vietnamese Wedding

Talking of Vietnam, the so-called modern weddings are unusual amalgams of current and historical traditions. But the traditional Vietnamese culture is still dominant. Some of the ancient wedding elements include the Ao-Dai, which is their wedding gown, and the Tea Ceremony.

Chinese Wedding

Persian Wedding

Another opulent cultural wedding that is practiced today is the traditional Persian ceremony. The stand-out feature is the Sofreh Aghd Celebration. The wedding table is glamorously decorated for every couple differently. Then various cultural items such as Holy Book, candelabras, honey, etc. are placed on the table and remain unmoved throughout the event.

Indian Wedding

South Asian (Indian) Wedding

What does South Asia have to offer? Traditional weddings full of fun and vigor. Typically, they have a series of celebrations that are conducted in several days before the actual wedding. Examples of these events include the Mehndi party, the Baraat and the Sangeet. The wedding apparel and the exotic animals the grooms ride on make these weddings seem like fantasies.

Vietnamese Pre-Wedding

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