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TestimonialVideos will always be your best selling tool and most important lead generator. People buy based on what other people say about you and your company’s service and/or products. There is nothing stronger than social confirmation and we see this all throughout different industries. We check out movie ratings prior to deciding on going to the theatre to see it, or we yelp at a restaurant to see how other people feel about the food prior to eating there. It has been proven over and over again that the power of social proof is more important than ever. Find some of your best clients that you’ve worked with and ask them to do a testimonial for you. Social testimonials are the top way to convert sales and have people trust you.

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"CineCrown really went above and beyond to help us demonstrate the mission and work of our organization on screen. Martin was kind and patient with the subjects of our video, some of whom had survived serious trauma and that made a HUGE difference in comfortably sharing their stories."

David H. - LGBT President

"Corporate marketing vs. website for a nonprofit board. It's obvious that Martin from CineCrown has a great academic background in IT and graphic design. What really makes for a great experience is his enthusiasm for his craft!"

Ann K. -Immigration Law Attorney


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CineCrown Studios has been a creative source in Sacramento since 2005 - We specialize in video productions, marketing campaigns, graphic design, website design, and branding. Let us help you with your next project.

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