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Honoring the ones you love!

A tribute video is perfect for anyone who needs a reminder of what means the most to them in their lives. This type of video is a montage of friends and family sharing memories they have with the person they want to honor. Tribute videos are perfect for every occasion and can be created for Memorials, Birthdays, Weddings, Employee Recognition, Anniversaries, Graduations, Mother's Day and more.

Memorials are a solemn occasion and we’re glad anyone would want to have one. But videos for happy occasions are also something worth preserving, and we’re here to help make that happen. At CineCrown Multimedia in Sacramento, we are a team of creative and talented producers who have years of experience. We can make intricate movie montages that creates amazing stories from beginning to end. Our goal is  to bring tears of joy to the viewer when watching your tribute video!

Keep memories Alive Together


Tribute Storytelling Slideshow Video

A tribute or memorial storytellling video is a unique and life-changing way to honor someone who has influenced your life. This gift gives you the opportunity to share how they've inspired you, what they've meant to you, and how they impacted your world. Sharing, reflecting and celebrating will provide an experience that no other can provide.

Perfect For Any Occasion

Here's a few occasions that are perfect opportunities for a tribute video. We also offer videos for other events or no occasion at all and maybe you just want to honor someone special in your life.

  • Birthday and Anniversary
  • Wedding or Quinceañera
  • Mother's / Father's Day
  • Achievement & Graduation
  • Military, Memorial & Funeral Services
  • Employee, Retiree, or CEO Recognition
  • Church or Religion Mission

You can also send a tribute video to someone you know in lieu of flowers, a card or other traditional gifts. A video will be more meaningful than just words and better than a gift card. Plus, it's guaranteed to make them cry (or laugh)!

Tribute Videos can have a powerful effect on those gathered and can be a great source of inspiration to enable everyone angered to remember a beautiful past by means of photos, videos, and music.

Why Choose Us Over DIY?

  • We can help you prepare your slideshow with high quality digital images. RESULTS WILL AMAZING!

  • Our professional in-house scanning and restoration services can live up to the quality that you expect. If your photos are damaged or fading and you would like to preserve them in their original quality, we can help.
  • Pictures can be edited to improve the quality of a video using color correction, contrast correction, and other adjustments.

  • Your images will be brought to life through our expertise in sensitive editing, centering the focus on the deceased, and utilizing soft transitions and reflective mood scenes throughout the video.

Tribute Video Service starting at $1799

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What Our Customers Have to Say

"When it came to making a video for my baby, we were hesitant. However, we’re happy that they persevered and got something to remember those special moments with. Thanks to Martin from CineCrown Multimedia who helped us passionately create our own masterpiece and a chance to someday have a legacy for our child. Being filmed through CineCrown has been a liberating experience. The footage is coming off beautifully, and we’re glad to have it!"

Neelam D.

"Martin was able to capture the legacy of my father in his essence. From the first time I contacted CineCrown Multimedia, he was nothing but exceptional. He took the time to get all of my questions answered and guided me through the process until we got exactly what I wanted. The video was delivered on-time and exceeded expectations! We loved the video. It is something we watch often - and it turned out exactly as weº had wanted. He listened to what we said, asked the right questions, and took care of all the details."

Kelly M.

Tribute Video Inquiry

Contacting us to reserve memory for someone you love, visit our studio and get answers for any questions you might have.

Photographs and films contain that moments in time when you were your happiest, and the right photographer knows how to exactly capture that moment. Choosing the right team to document your special day is very important.


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CineCrown is a Sacramento based creative video production since 2005. We offer Tribute slideshow montage video services. It is highly important to us that we tell your story by creating authentic, emotional, and beautiful event photos for family. We film and photograph of all multi-culture events. We serve in Sacramento, Napa, San Francisco, San Jose and the greater Bay Area, including anywhere in the world.

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