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YOUR STORY: Your story is what will make you different from everyone else. It is what will fortify your brand and create a unique reason why people chose you over the other dozen companies who do the same thing you do. A powerful story is needed for a powerful brand. Begin telling your story so that people can listen to you.

YOUR BRAND: Your brand is the bloodline of your business. It is people's first instinct when they think about you, encounter you, or when they see your logo. It is important that you showcase your brand in a positive manner so that you can build trust with your clientele. Let us help you build your brand reputation through a brand video production.

OUR CREATION: Stories that can capture an audience’s heart, gain their trust and stand tall on their own are the ones that should be told. We at CineCrown urge you to let us help you make your story come to life, so that you may connect to your audience and build a life-long relationship with them. With more than 40 years of combined experience, we make sure to work with clients that have aligned values like ours. CineCrown has a team of professionals who know the ins and outs of video and digital marketing.

Top 10 Video Services
That We Offer

Get Seen | Get Remembered | Get Results

All videos are designed with the purpose to increase traffic and brand awareness through storytelling that will lead to a sale. All services include a hand on Creative Director/Video Marketing Consultant who will guide you in creating your message and tells your StoryBrand.

1. Online/TV Commercial

This video has a clear focus message for advertising and marketing purposes, and designed to make an impact online or on TV. (15-60 second video)

• Message is short and clearly defines.
• Create Sales and Brand awareness.
• Short promotional video.

Ex: Online Ads, Television, and Broadcast video.

2. Social Media Marketing

This video increases engagement with consumers using share, like, comment, or retweet online. This video is the most effective in promoting and advertising your products and services. (60-90 second video)

• Lead Generation connects to a landing page or social media.
• Create Sales and Brand awareness.
• Increase traffic.
Ex: Hype, Sizzle and Teaser video.

3. Product Explainer

This video provides useful information to establish expertise & authority, and can be created through live-action or instructional animation. This is the most popular video to put on your home page quick explain who you are and what you do. (1-2 minute video)

• Nurture prospective customers that will lead to a sale.
• How-to, helpful tips, support, and solves a problem.
• "What in it for me" - answers questions for buyers.
• Not a sales video - indirectly introduces your brand.
Ex: Instructional, Tradeshow, Real Estate video.

4. Corporate/Company Branding

Tells your StoryBrand and makes consumers fall in love with your brand or company through an emotional connection. This helps create your reputation and trust with customers. (1-2 minute video)

• Create a StoryBrand of "WHO we are", "WHAT we believe", "WHY we love what we do", and "HOW we are different".
• Develop Brand awareness and a "Quick-Look" at your company culture.
• Vision and Mission statement, company core values.

Ex: Infomercial video, short StoryBrand and feature film, micro-documentary film.

5. Testimonial/Case Study

Testimonial videos, will always be your best-selling tools and your most important Lead Generator. Case study videos, define how we solve problems for clients which help gain confidences for buyers. (varies in length)

• Helps close the sale.
• Positive client reviews increase trust and reputation.
• Modern "Word-of-Mouth".

Ex: Short StoryBrand and feature film, micro-documentary film.

6. Brand Culture /Recruiting

These Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) videos share company culture & beliefs, and humanize your brand and employees. (varies in length)

Emotionally connects to the fun and creativity of your brand.
• Defines your brand and what it stands for.
• Quick glance about company persona.
Share company culture and news.

Ex: Brand culture, Leadership vision, Employee tips, F.A.Q, and StoryBrand video. Recruiting video is created to attract the "Right-Fit" potential employees.

7. Education/Training

A demonstration or tutorial video helps answer important customer questions and F.A.Q.s, which generates leads and buyers. You can sale
Online courses and Intructional videos with your expertise. (varies in length)

Train faster and more efficiently online
• Issue generated and increased search engine result - S.E.O.

Ex: "How to" or Step-by-step instruction video, Online courses, webinar, live stream, Vblogs, YouTube, and telework video.

8. Non-Profit/Crowdfunding

Story driven video with heart for a good cause, that impact the community which helps increase Grants and Donations.(varies in length)

• Pitch to Donors at fundraising events or online donation pages.
Grant enhancement.
Emotionally persuasive.
• Reaches unique audiences and donors.

Ex: Emotional connect and pitch to Donors video.

9. Public Relations

Corporate/Government/State video creates awareness to a specific topic or audience. Educates a target audience about public safety or awareness. (varies in length)

Policy and Procedures.
• Educates and increases audience engagement.
• Improve S.E.O.

Ex: Public safety, "How-to", debate, rally and protest video.

10. Event Marketing

Promotional videos that create ENERGY for your event on social media before it begins. (varies in length)

• Pre-event marketing: announcement, teaser, and reminder.

• Day of event: live video productions, event live stream.

• Post-event marketing: tells a story and announces the next event.

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Win Your Client's Heart With Your StoryBrand

Happy Clients



"CineCrown really went above and beyond to help us demonstrate the mission and work of our organization on screen. Martin was kind and patient with the subjects of our video, some of whom had survived serious trauma and that made a HUGE difference in comfortably sharing their stories."

David H. - LGBT President

"Corporate marketing vs. website for a nonprofit board. It's obvious that Martin from CineCrown has a great academic background in IT and graphic design. What really makes for a great experience is his enthusiasm for his craft!"

Ann K. -Immigration Law Attorney

Your Story | Your Brand | Our Creation

"We are STORYTELLERS. We create compelling messages, that move audiences forward, and create content that has the ability to make an impact. That is who we are and what we love to do!"

Full Video Production Services


Includes: Strategy and Concept Creation, Script Writing, Storyboarding, Casting, Scheduling and Location Scouting, Budget Planning for Production and Marketing, Media Buy for Television and Online Advertising.


Includes: Simple to Full Productions, Creative Director, Director, Producer, DP, Production Assistants, Professional Audio Recording and Full Lighting Set-up for In-Studio or On-Location.


Includes: Full Video Editing, Color Grading, Custom Animation, Motion Graphics, Audio and Music Composing, Design Graphics and Titles, Export and Compression for Online and Broadcast, Video Distribution.

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