Client Experience

It's starting from the moment we meet, to your wedding day, and after

With CineCrown talented and passionate team, you can expect both the photos and the videos to be done beautifully, and more importantly they’re seamlessly working together. Whenever you will look through your wedding photographs or watch your wedding video, you will surely be transported back into that time and get to live it all over again.

The wedding process

Review our portfolio to see which style appeals to you. Submit a wedding inquiry for availbility.

CineCrown team will reach out to you with availbility and set an In-Studio or Zoom meeting for destination couple.

Secure your wedding date, make everything official with signing the contract, and 25% deposit online or inperson.

Schedule a date for your Engagement or Pre-Wedding Session. Within 2 weeks, session photographs availble to view and entrance canvas pick out (if booked).

Fill out your questionaire, wedding schedule, and shotlist worksheets.

Finalize all the worksheets. Have a In-Studio meeting with us to walk through your wedding schedule and shotlist.

Relax and enjoy every moment of your wedding and let CineCrown team do the work.

A sneak peeks set of photos to share and relive your wedding on social media.

In-Studio Wedding Photos Reveal CELEBRATION & Orconsutation. Receive a private passwoord-protected online gallery of all your edit wedding day photos to download, print, and share.

Last special final meeting for any last orders and albums to be created.

Sounds like a good plan?

When does the Experience Starts?

Your magical photography experience with us can begin right away. If you like our photography style and have browsed through our client reviews, you can submit your application by filling out the contact form on our official website.

All you need to do is fill-out the contact form and include your wedding information as detailed as possible. Once you submit the form, you will hear from us as soon as possible, through an e-mai or phone call.

We would love to set appointment in-studio so that we get to know the kind of photography experience you'd like best.

When you are all set to hire us to be your official wedding photographers, you will receive an contract detail, explaining about all you can expect from us.

When you are done looking up and filling out the contract, you will be required to pay a 25% deposit through a personal check or online, and we are all set to become an integral part of your important day.

Why engagement sessions are important?


Are you wondering what an engagement session is? Think of it as a magical date to fulfill your photography dreams. We will go along with you to your favorite location, or we will find the perfect spot for you and capture your most magical moment and love between you and your partner. We will walk with you throughout the journey and guide you on what's best, including choosing the location and planning the date to provide you with the most graceful and stunning photos.

Throughout our service, we will give you the best tips and make you feel comfortable while taking the best pictures of you and your loved one. You can enjoy the experience and relax as we gather memories that will stay in your photo album forever for you to reminisce.

TIPS: We suggest brides do a mock-up (of the wedding day hair and make up) for the Engagement session. This will allow opportunity for the brides to test hair and make up before the wedding.

The best thing about being wedding photographers is the relationship that we form with our clients. We hear about your dreams in person and do our best to transfer those dreams of yours captured into images. This is why our engagement sessions are established.

We can help prepare your wedding day?

You are free to contact us with your queries and concerns related to your wedding day. We will only be more than happy to help. When it comes to weddings, we have a broad scope and knowledge. We know the perfect timing to capture the perfect moments of your wedding day.

To ensure that you don't have to worry about the photography at your wedding consistently, you will receive a questionnaire three months before your wedding date. The questionnaire will include details so that everything can be pre-planned beforehand, resulting in a problem free shoot on the big day.

Questions like the names of your family members and the bridal party members, the date of your first look session, and other sensitive information are included in the questionnaire that will help us to do our job flawlessly. You will also receive a concise document with wedding day tips, advice, and suggestions that will assist you and your partner in a chaotic, free, and relaxed wedding.

Once we receive your finalized itinerary, we will have one final meeting to make sure everything is in place. It's best to have the meeting take place a month before your big day. We know how busy you can get with the wedding coming up, this meeting will help ease your stress related to photography and answer any last-minute doubts that you may have. We assure you that you will get the best images and a stress-free and memorable day for you and your guests.

Our pre-prep makes sure that we are well prepared for your big day and capture your beautiful moments as comprehensively as possible. The pictures of your big day will be a delight for you and the coming generations to browse through and enjoy.

What to expect on your wedding day?


Our team is just as excited as you for your wedding. They are well-rested, relaxed, and at their very best to take your best shots. Our photographers make you feel comfortable while taking pictures so that you don't feel intruded upon and enjoy the day with your loved one, friends, and family.

When you browse through your wedding album, you will not only smile as you reminisce about the best day of your life, you will also see the intricate details that you may have missed seeing yourself- Your grandparents dancing with gorgeous smiles on their faces, the mixed emotions on your parents faces when you say "I Do," the proud and joyous smiles on your sibling's faces, the joy on your partners face as they get ready, your little cousins sneaking to eat the cake and a lot more memories that only a professional CineCrown Wedding photographer can capture.

Whether you have a destination wedding, a theme-based wedding, an outdoor wedding or a Fairytale wedding, whether you are having a vow exchange or a multicultural celebration, our expert CineCrown wedding photographers have got your back, with 15+ years of experience in wedding photography you are bound to receive only the best photographs by hiring us.

After the wedding is over, now what?

The vows have been taken, and the cake has been eaten, you've settled in your home, and the guests have bid their goodbyes. The big day has gone, but the memories will remain forever and, of course, the photos too. You made us an integral part of your big day, and it's our honor to bring to you th e very best photos that speak a million words without moving.

When we go back from your wedding, we make sure to backup your images on multiple devices so that we don't lose them because of unexpected accidents. Within a week from your wedding you can expect a sneak peek on our Instagram profile which we are sure you will love, you can share these with your friends and family and look forward to the rest of your pictures that will create a splendid album.

Within 14 days we will discard the shots that are not important or have closed eyes, rest assured that none of your important moments will be left out.

Within 30-45 days, you will gain access to our online gallery with all of your images, edited and sorted into parts. The photos can be downloaded and shared with your loved ones. You can post these on your social media for your relatives and friends to see. Those who missed your wedding will be immensely happy to be able to get a glimpse into your big day too.

You can expect about 75-90 pictures taken every hour of your wedding day, but there is no limit to it depending on the length of the festivities.

To store your memories forever, you can purchase a keepsake album containing the most favorite images of your special day. We will start working on it as soon as we possibly can, and you will be able to receive the album 60-90 days after your wedding. The faster you tell us, the sooner we will get the job done.

Although that's a roll and our contract officially ends, we hope that our relationship of working together blissfully continues for years to come.

Ready to Start the Experience!

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CineCrown is a Sacramento based Wedding Photography and Videography. We offer Engagement/Prewedding photoshoot sessions. It is highly important to us that we tell your story by creating authentic, emotional, and beautiful wedding photos for brides. We film and photograph weddings of all cultures, such as Filipino, Chineses, Vietnamese, and Indian Weddings. We serve in Sacramento, Napa, San Francisco, San Jose and the greater Bay Area, including wedding venues and ceremonies anywhere in the world.