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CineCrown is Sacramento Top Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Sacramento, Napa Valley, Bay Area, Vallejo, Ek Grove, Granite Bay, Roseville, Rocklin, San Mateo, Placerville, Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and greater Bay Area. CineCrown focuses on capturing beautiful wedding photos when they photograph weddings, events, family photos, engagement sessions, and maternity photos. CineCrown is devoted to the top customer service and making sure that they receive 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Not only are they excellent at being videographers, but they are great a great wedding photography company that does weddings photography in Sacramento, Elk Grove, El Dorado, Bay Area, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Granite Bay, Rocklin, San Mateo, Roseville, Lake Tahoe, and South Lake Tahoe. CineCrown is always excited to work with new upcoming brides and amazing clients, and is ready to provide design consultations as well as wedding consultations.

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Finding the right photography and videography team in Sacramento can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Yes, you can also find a photographer in other cities as well, but keep in account travel fees and also the ease of meeting them if needed. Although we would love your business, we want to make sure that you have considered a few things prior to making a decision.

CineCrown is a team of photographers and filmmakers working together to capture your special day. We create extraordinary photographs and films that tell your story. Photographers come in all shapes and forms, and if we can help you move closer to the right place for you, regardless if it is us or not, we will be happy.

Wedding Photography Cost

Wedding photographers costs can range from very high to low, but rest assured that we are willing to help you with your budget to the best of our abilities. The wedding photography and videography prices will range depending on what our clients need.

With our talented and passionated CineCrown team, you can expect both the photos and the videos to be done beautifully, and more importantly, they’re seamlessly working together. Whenever you will look through your wedding photographs or watch your wedding video, you will surely be transported back into that time and get to live it all over again.

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You can relax knowing that you are in good hands and we promise to provide you with dynamic, emotional, and authentic films and images that are created by our passionate and talented photographers and videographers.

Wedding Photography Style



This traditional approach where the photographer normally helps or asks you for a shot list (pre-planned) and will progress down the list from getting ready to family group portraits, and guest photos. This is a more time-consuming approach and will take away some of your time from the guests, but in return you will receive more images of you and your partner. Images are more posed and directed, rather than natural in the moment. However, this is not to say you will not receive candid photos.

Documentary / Photojournalism

This type of wedding photography takes a hands-off approach to your wedding day. Allowing things to happen as they normally would with very few interruptions to coordinate an image. The primary goal here is to capture your moments organically and make sure that they are not too involved in the event. This is great for a couple looking to get more authentic images, and who feels that they don’t want too many eyes to camera photos, rather just natural.

Editorial /Cinematic

This type of wedding photography has that dreamy vibe to it. Although it does cover traditional shots like getting ready, ceremony, family group shots, and reception, it will require you and your spouse to allocate a good amount of time to create photographs with the director photographer. You will be posed and follow the photographer's instructions to create some amazing photographs. These are images that will really have a WOW factor in your album/prints.

CineCrown's Photography Styles

Our director at CineCrown Photography is highly educated with a 20-year experience. He studied art for nine years and mastered the craft in 15-20 years following the footsteps of traditional artists in history. He leads his team to capture the best images in all three styles; Traditional, Documentary, and Editorial.Our adaptive system unites our team to capture captivating pictures by bringing out the best of every moment. This also allows us to accommodate any requests perfectly into our services because we are skilled at all traits. Our main goal is creating beautiful, stylish, and fun images that gracefully capture your best moments.


to your unique values, wants and needs.

With CineCrown's unique and exciting process, we want our couples to tell us about their values, their wants, and their needs, then we capture it through our work. Through this process and our shooting style, we get to capture all of the moments that might have gone unnoticed and turn them into memories. We work hard in order to capture the unique personalities and perspectives of each of our couples. Everyone is special; therefore in order to create extraordinary photographs for our couples, it is vital to us that we listen to them first.

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Hello, my name is Martin Vo. I am the Creative Director of CineCrown wedding photography and videography in Sacramento California. It is my pleasure to have you here, and I want to appreciate your interest in our work. I invite you to come visit our studio in Midtown, Sacramento on 25th and J street. We welcome anyone who wants to learn more about our services and want to check out some wedding albums, prints, and canvas. Come make yourselves at home, see you soon!

"Hundreds of Weddings over 15 years, We are still Crazy and in Love with what We do!"

Every love story has a beginning, and we want to tell your story. We create photographs with passion and heart that visibly reflects through our images. Through photography, we get to tell a much greater story. We get to showcase the lives of two people who are madly in love with each other. We are always excited to tell the world a brand new love story.

As a couple, you get to create something that’s remarkable; a day that’s filled with an abundance of emotion and beauty. You probably have accurately planned out each and every detail and with your wedding planner’s help, implemented those details in your wedding. Moreover, all of your friends and your families are gathered in one place to celebrate the love you have with your partner on this special day, which makes this event worthy of documenting and preserving. Allow us to do that for you.

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"Most people have a special story of how they met and fell in love. We want to share your love story in the form of your wedding with the whole world. We shoot with passion and heart, and that is visibly reflected through our camera lens. We create and design your love story through photographs."

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Photographs and films contain that moments in time when you were your happiest, and the right photographer knows how to exactly capture that moment. Choosing the right team to document your special day is very important.

We don’t accept every wedding that comes our way because it is extremely vital that we shoot for the right couples, and they are with us. We would be delighted to know more about your story and you, as well. Do not hesitate to contact us and fill the contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"I chose Martin Vo and and his team to capture every moment of my wedding day with their amazing cinematography. David was the head of the three man team for my wedding and showed up early and stayed late to make sure everything was captured just the way he wanted it. He and his team spent a lot of time with me at my motel while I was getting ready. They had some fun ideas of ways to pose and what to do to add to our video to make it perfect. It also allowed my photographer to get some fun poses too."

Celena G.-Bride

"We chose Martin Vo because of his consistency in producing artistic and fresh beautiful photos. Watch out for those companies who show you one albumn ir that have just a handful of quality photos. Cinecrown is consistent and always INNOVATIVE!
Martin Vo is the BEST photographer in Sacramento. We booked two years in advance and that allowed us to lock in our price and make payments on our packages. We upgraded twice because his product is jyst superior to any photography co we've used."

Brie M.- Bride

"Every bride wants only the best of the best for their wedding. I was once that bride, and in such a special day, i had the most amazing photographer ever to help capture our most special moments. I had the the pleasure to work with Martin Vo and his staff at CineCrown Photography and I couldn't have had a better experience. From the moment of scheduling our appointment to shooting our engagement sessions, Martin and his staff made us feel very comfortable the whole way."

Nikki K.- Bride


CineCrown "beauty, story & style"

CineCrown is a Sacramento based Wedding Photography & Wedding Videographysince 2005. We offer Engagement/Preweddingphotoshoot sessions. It is highly important to us that we tell your story by creating authentic, emotional, and beautiful wedding photos for brides. We film and photograph weddings of all multi-cultures, such as Indian Weddings, Filipino & Mexican, Chinese & Vietnamesese. We serve in Sacramento, Napa, San Francisco, San Jose and the greater Bay Area, including wedding venues and ceremonies anywhere in the world.

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