Why Hire Pro Vendors Who Work As A Team?

10 June 2019


Hiring vendors who work well together as a team will make your wedding day flow beautifully. Not only are they there to do their job, but they’re also there to bring to life your love story.

Many couples are unaware of all the behind the scenes that go on to make their wedding day. When couples hire recommended vendors it makes planning so much easier. Why is that? Well for starters these vendors already have an established relationship and if they’ve been recommended then you can rest assured that they’ve worked together before and it was smooth sailing. When vendors know each other it’s easy to pick up the phone and go over what they’ll be doing at the wedding. They’ll discuss details that might inspire the other to make special changes to make your love story more cohesive. Maybe the couple got engaged at a windmill and in planning the wedding the photographer suggested a windmill themed wedding since it held such a special meaning. So there were windmills everywhere. And in incorporating the windmill into the wedding ceremony the photographer contacted the officiant to say a few words about how the couple’s love was like a windmill. How amazing is that that the vendors were able to work together to bring the couple’s love story to life?

Sometimes some vendors are a little more special than others in that they’re multi-talented. It’s amazing to work with Reverend Rick and Reverend Jennifer. They can easily transition from officiant to musician playing elegant songs on the piano, harp or flute. Their live music adds class to the event, and the couple can count on the music to start and stop perfectly on cue with the ceremony words. This is a wonderful combination to have in a vendor as it covers multiple parts of the wedding, saves the couple money and makes communication easier and quicker.

Reverend Tan