You've Booked Your Photographer! What's Next?

10 June 2019



Step 1:
Engagement Session, if you haven't booked an egagement sessionos, please check out Client Resources to get more information why should consider Engagement session, and More Engagement Idea if you have booked it. Should I upgrade to a Full day stylize Pre-Wedding Session instead read more information here?

Step 2:

Choose a makeup artist, read here is a list of vendors that we are recommended. Makeup is required for Engagement Session to test out your makeup and hair in the photo before the wedding.

Step 3:

Book a DJ and event planner timeline/coordinator if you need to, and be sure to schedule a date to talk through the timeline.

Step 4:

Communicate with your flourist to make sure you've got all the right decorations you envision for your wedding.

Step 5:

Talk to your officiant! There are a wide range of services that a officiant can provide, so make sure that it can accomodate your wedding.

Step 6:

Coordinate with your wedding venue to make sure that your day is all planned and secured for so that there are no miscommunications.

Step 7:

Relax! You've got all the big steps down and now you can take time to relax.